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My top 10 Strength building exercises for athletes

Every Coach should have their main group of exercises that in their opinion creates that most bang for their buck in regards to strength. These groups of exercises should have the most transfer over to strength in their sport and should be stress tested over the years to provide their effectiveness.

Here’s 10 exercises that I have been using for 8 years to train athletes for better strength in their sport. I can say without a doubt if you become stronger in all these lifts you will become a much stronger and well-rounded athlete overall. These lifts should be considered “main lifts” or main strength builders in a workout where the soul goal is to perform as much weight as possible with the best form possible.

1. Trap bar deadlift

2. Box squats

3. RDL’s

4. Sumo deadlifts

5. Safety squat bar Bulgarian split squats (or back squat loaded)

6. Chin ups/pulls ups

7. Bench press

8. Sled push

9. Barbell or Safety squat bar reverse lunge

10. Chain loaded push ups

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