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The 15 most used single leg exercises in our gym

Single leg work is a major part of strength training in our programs. Below is a list of 15 our my favorite single leg exercises to use in strength training programs. Whether if it’s as a main lift or accessory exercise you can probably find one of these exercises in any given program that is written in the KTS gym

1. Dumbbell loaded Bulgarian split squat

2. Safety squat bar Bulgarian split squat

3. Front squat loaded Bulgarian split squat

4. Dumbbell loaded split stance squat

5. back squat loaded split stance squat

6. Front squat loaded split stance squat

7. Zercher split stance squat

8. front foot elevated split stance squats with dumbbells

9. Dumbbell slider reverse lunge

10. Safety squat bar reverse lunge

11. Front squat loaded reverse lunge

12. Step downs

13. Step ups

14. Landmine SLDL

15. Goblet lateral lunge in place

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