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What's Consistency mean?

What does it mean to be consistent?

Consistency gets misunderstood all too often in my opinion, yet this is something I’m always preaching and always talking about in initial assessments with every athlete yet a good chunk of them do not meet the requirements in which I would consider highly consistent. This level of consistency that I’ll go over is required in order to reap the true benefits that training can give you.

Anything less than this you can and will still achieve results but will never achieve the best results.

Consistency is not just showing up to every workout scheduled for you that week. Consistency is showing up for every single workout time and time again that you plan on doing based your schedule and what’s optimal for you for your entire career as an athlete. Not only that consistency is also coming in with the same positive attitude and ready to work every time with no ups and downs. This doesn’t mean you won’t be tired or not recovered fully and it doesn’t mean we won’t modify and autoregulate your workout according to your level of readiness BUT your willingness to get the work in will never change. That’s consistency.

Consistency is also doing everything in your power to make sure you are recovered and prepared for the workout at hand. That means getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night, waking up 1 hour before you have to do anything. Making sure you get breakfast in every morning and your meal frequency is on point. You also prepare your meals beforehand to ensure this happens.

Consistency is making sure you have the correct and optimal amount of water every day (your body weightX0.7).

Consistency is performing warm ups and cool downs before practice and games. When you can’t make it to the gym because you’re on the road you make it a point to get some sort of training effect or workout when you’re not able to hit gym.

You ask your strength coach questions about what to do and what’s best for you and you communicate to your coaches who are in charge of your physical preparation thoroughly and effectively.

Most of all consistency is taking extreme ownership over your progress as an athlete and knowing that your development at the end of the day depends on the level of consistency that you employ in your training.

Ask yourself today what could I take more ownership over in my training in order to further my progress as an athlete. Sit on it, truly think about it for a day or even a week and be honest with yourself. What can I take ownership over more in my athletic career?

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