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As a professional trainer, my passion is to guide the world towards a healthier lifestyle. Everybody is unique, with their own strengths and limitations. My method is to build a custom plan based on your health, schedule and more importantly, fitness goals. I aim to transform your body and influence you to make more mindful decisions when it comes to your health.

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Athletic Physical Preparation 

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Richard Kompf Owner of KTS and Strength Coach
Rick Kompf has been in the trenches training since 2014.  In 2018 he decided to go off on his own and start Kompf Training Systems where has worked predominately with high school and college athletes.  Over the years he has developed the training systems you see today.  During his time as a trainer Rick has also been a regular contributor to, and has worked as a trainer/consultant of a large corporation BHG financial to create a healthier culture. 


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Joe Zambito- Strength Coach at KTS, and content contributor

Joe has been with KTS since it's origin, first starting as an intern later developing himself into a vital coach for Kompf Training Systems.  All the success our clients and athletes have had over the course of years with  KTS Joe has had a major hand in.  Joe is a wealth of knowledge for everything training and life related, he is a great reference to use when learning about training or going through one of our programs on the site.


Lynda B- “KTS’s guidance as made such a positive impact on my son’s life I just wanted to thank you.  Your dication and direction has inspired my son to do his best to reach his goals.  You’ve taught him commitment and perseverance in such a short time.  We’ve seen him change into someone who had goals but needed the resources to achieve them to accomplishing all the goals he set out for.  He’s gained 20lbs of muscle in less than 4 months, is a much healthier eater and very conscientious of maintaining his achievements.  You’ve made a difference in a good way!  Not to mention he’s never run a 60 in under 7.02 and at tryouts he ran a 6.8!”

4 years later after training with us long term-

I wanted to thank you both for helping Nick achieve many goals over the past 5 years, from weight gain, to speed, strength and agility. A couple of goals worth mentioning were his 20lb weight gain his freshman year, significantly improving his strength and speed to break a 22 year old college record with an OB% of .495. Nick ended his college career with all sorts of records thanks to the dedication & hard work in the off season with both your directions. Training for the physical test to become a sheriff was his most recent goal. Working out this summer paid off and he passed. I cannot stress enough what an important role you both have played in helping Nick reach his goals. Looking forward to what comes next. Always grateful! 

Delaney- “Training with KTS made me more confident in my athleticism, strength, and overall image of my body.  Thank you for taking the time to work with me!”

Aubrey- “Since starting training at KTS I have learned that my biggest competition is myself and every time I walk into the gym I’m not competing with the other athletes but I’m instead competing with myself.  While training at KTS I’ve also formed many new friendships of like-minded people with similar goals of mine which helps me push myself to the next level.”

Cooper- “Training with KTS has made me a better athlete on the field and an even better person off!”

Nick-“Great Guys and trainers!  They really push you to the next level and got me through a very important time in my career”

Jessica- “KTS has made my son stronger, more confident and tougher on the field!  Thank you!”

Sean- “My upper back pain is gone because of working with Rick.  His focus on sustainable fitness helped me to eliminate the chronic pain I was having while till aggressively pursing a strength and conditioning program.  Additionally, Rick provides me with advice ranging from individual movements to overall training philosophy that moves me closer to my goals, faster”   





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